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Blue River Environmental, LLC provides construction services as a subcontractor for private and public clients. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, general contractors and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

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Blue River Environmental is a leader in providing environmental remediation and construction, and industrial/technical services .

Building Demolition

Blue River Environmental, LLC (BRE) was contracted to demolish a 25,000 sq. ft. support building at a local high school. The material from demolition activities was sorted and recycled at the appropriate facilities.

Construction Site - Building Demolition

Fiber Poly for INDOT

As a subcontractor, Blue River Environmental, LLC (BRE) was hired to help mitigate a damaged bridge in Shelby County Indiana.

BRE utilized a Fiber Reinforced Polymer along with concrete patching to repair and reinforce damaged piers to a bridge that was located over interstate 74. BRE wrapped approximately 204 square feet of the piers to reinforce and to protect them from future corrosion and damage.

Construction Site - Fiber Poly for INDOT